Game Abandonment and Inactivity Policy

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Game Abandonment and Inactivity Policy

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GM Abandonment Policy

A game will be declared abandoned by the GM if there are no posts from the GM in 3 weeks, but players remain active. Exceptions will be made for GMs that go on vacation, provided they announce their vacation and the estimated date of return in the Absences thread, and/or the game's OOC thread. Once a vacation and estimated date of return is posted, the game and GM will be protected for the time period given.

If no posts happen from the GM for 3 weeks after the given return date, the game will then be declared abandoned. Once a game is declared abandoned:
  • The players may elect a new, substitute GM to take over the game
  • The substitute GM must be agreed upon by all players
  • If and when the original GM returns, the game will be offered back to them
  • If the original GM wants to run the game, the substitute GM will give control back to the original GM and provide them with all relevant information for the story they were running

Game Inactivity Policy

A game will be declared inactive if there are no posts, from GM or Players for 30 days. Inactive games will be moved to the closed and inactive game board. A game may be resurrected if enough interest is shown and has a GM willing to run it, preferably with the permission of the original GM. A willing GM and 3 players is considered enough interest to resurrect a game.