Choose your games wisely

Every good playground needs a set of rules. Take a moment to read ours.
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Choose your games wisely

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While it may be tempting to jump into playing every game that is proposed, please take the time to read the GM's proposal before committing to a game. If the proposed game is transformation as punishment for misdeeds, and you're looking for a lighthearted sex romp, your interests are most likely not compatible with the game.

If you find yourself in a game where your vision of your character's story is not working with the GM's vision for the tone of the game, simply politely excuse yourself from the game. Attempts to force your view of your character on the world created by the GM is both presumptuous and rude.

If you have doubts on creative direction in a game, kindly ask the GM for guidance. If your views differ, the GM will have the final say in what is allowable in their game. Do not confuse refusal of your proposal with lack of understanding of it. Badgering a GM to react in a way beneficial to your character is a reportable offense and may result in an official warning or ban.

Failure to comply with GM decisions is grounds for ejection from the game.
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