What to do if you're feeling bullied

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What to do if you're feeling bullied

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There is always the possibility that an issue might arise beyond the watchful gaze of the Library staff. Whether it be via PMs on here, or via Messenger.

If someone is bullying you, trying to force you to do something in game that you don't want to do, or attacking you over something your character did in game. Report it to us. We can't help keep this a friendly, respectful place of fun if we don't know about it.

If it happens on Messenger, such as YIM or AIM, the quickest and easiest method to deal with it, is to block the person. They can't bully you offsite if you block them. This will force them to bully onsite, where we can take care of it.

When someone is bullying you via PM on the site, DO NOT IGNORE IT. Forward the pm to any of the Library Staff:

Either myself: Colleen Callie
Our wondrous Founder: Entrancing Kayla
Or our lovely, caring Moderator: Honey Ravencroft

The matter will be looked into and taken care of. If you try to ignore it, if you don't let us know, all you are teaching the person is that they can get away with it.

A quick tutorial on how to forward a pm can be found here.