Rules of the Library

Every good playground needs a set of rules. Take a moment to read ours.
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Rules of the Library

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1. Please keep all In Character (IC) and all Out Of Character (OOC) content separate. Whenever possible, please keep all OOC content and posts in the Game's OOC thread.

2. If you absolutely must post OOC content in the Game thread, please make it clear it is different from the IC content. This Forum uses ((the double parentheses)) to signify OOC content in a Game thread as its standard.

3. Be polite and respectful to others. Roleplay is a way to unwind and escape the daily grind of life. This forum is here for entertainment, enjoyment and fantasy. Let's keep it a place of fun, respect and kindness. Bullying, insulting other players, racial and derogatory slurs will not be tolerated, and may result in disciplinary action

4. The Library will be a place for many different people, with many different interests. Interests that may differ from your own. Be respectful of interests and preferences others have that you might not share, and they will be respectful of yours.

5. The Library abides by the laws of the United States, within which it is hosted and ran.
-Age of Consent is 18. There will be no depiction of sexual interaction anywhere involving a character under 18 years of age in games or stories. No images depicting a person under 18 nude are permitted. Period.
-Bestiality will not be permitted. This describes sexual interaction between a human and an animal. While anthropomorphic characters are permitted, it can be a delicate line between what constitutes animal vs. anthropomorphic. If you aren't sure where on that line your character or idea falls, simply ask one of the staff members.
-Incest for the purposes of this Forum is described as sexual interaction between any characters related by blood, marriage, or adoption. Including but not limited to: Parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, nieces, nephews and cousins. It is prohibited.

6. Staff strongly discourages violence in games for the sake of violence. This does not mean that we forbid violence. It is simply important that any violence lead to some meaningful outcome. This also applies to self-inflicted injuries. If you are asked to tone down the violence level, failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.

7. Game Masters/Mistresses (GM) are in charge of their respective games. In most cases, what they say goes. They are allowed to deny anyone asking permission to join their game, and they have right to remove anyone from their game at anytime. If there is an issue, or you feel a GM is treating you unfairly, speak to a staff member. We'll look into it. Do not slow down or halt the game, fighting the GM.

Remember, they are taking their time and energy to run a game for you to play in. A little consideration goes a long way.

8. Retroactive continuity (retcon) changes are allowed only with the explicit consent of the GM of the game on a case by case basis. Once an event has occurred in a game, it can only be undone by the GM or a player acting on the direction of the GM.

If a player desires a retcon change and it is denied by the GM, see rule #7.

9. Please keep disputes between players out of the games. Do not slow down or halt a game fighting it out. Keep all disputes civil and respectful. If there is an issue or problem that needs to be dealt with, contact a staff member to look into it.

10. Players may leave an active game at anytime, for any reason, without fear of consequences. Roleplay is all about having fun. If a player is no longer having fun in a game, they should not face backlash for it. Anyone caught badmouthing a player for leaving a game will be subject to disciplinary action.

11. You are not your character. Characters are not always going to get along. Having another character dislike yours is not a personal attack on you. Likewise, if you are having a problem with another player, don't bring it into the game.

12. No spamming permitted. Spam posts will be removed, and the spammer will be banned.

13. Godmoding, and purposeful game-wrecking are not permitted. As these may be more subjective in determining, they will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Godmoding is setting your character up to be untouchable, unbeatable, or simply infallible. The term godmoding comes from video games, in which activating the cheat that gave your character infinite health, power and abilities/weapons, was simply called "Godmode". Because you were literally as unstoppable and as powerful as a god. It's listed as a cheat for a reason.

Game-wrecking is fighting against, deliberately or not, the gm and set plot of the game in a way that seeks to ruin or end it prematurely, or setting out to directly ruin the game.
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