Who we are and what goes on here

It's always nice to know what you're signing up for before clicking. This is where you can learn about our little corner of the internet before you sign up.
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Who we are and what goes on here

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The Library of Wonders was constructed to provide a safe and fun place to come to roleplay various fantasies. The main fantasy serviced by the Library of Wonders is one of gender change (a man changing into a woman or vice versa.) While we are not limited to gender transformation as the only type of game hosted here, it is expected that the vast majority of our players will focus on this type of game.

Other physical changes (such as size, animal, and inanimate objects) are also permissible. Mental and mind control type games are also allowed. The limitation on mental only games is that predatory situations where the GM attempts to exert real world control over players will not be allowed. Be warned that the site founder (that's me) is a skilled hypnotist and can spot a predator with ease.

The main concern of staff is that the members are having fun and playing in a healthy atmosphere. Staff strongly discourages violence in games for the sake of violence. This does not mean that we forbid violence. It is simply important that any violence lead to some meaningful outcome. This also applies to self-inflicted injuries.

This is an 18+ forum. If you are under 18, leave now, and don't come back until your 18th birthday. Any minor found on the site will be immediately banned.

Since this is an adult board, some or many of the games may involve sexual situations, minor violence, alternative lifestyles, etc. If that sort of thing bothers you, you have been warned now. Don't attempt to force your views on someone else. Either avoid such games or delete your account.

If you ever feel that you have been bullied by another member on this site, please report the post or forward the message to an admin immediately. Bullying will not be tolerated. This includes passive aggressive actions of another member against you.

The ultimate goal of the staff is to provide a quality place for members to have fun with their roleplay fantasies.
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